O's Opening Day = Just Another Reason to Get Drunk…

After nearly 6 full months since the last regular season game at Camden Yards, the O’s kicked off the season with a Loss yesterday in the rain to the, soon to be arch rivals, Tampa Bay Rays.  You can basically forget about the Red Sox and Yankees fans, because in a short period of time we’re going to get a “Rays Nest” in Oriole Park.  They’ll probably make their home about mid-May once the orioles are a steady 20 games under .500 and they’ll probably hold signs up like, “Baltimore: A Rays Fan’s Home away from Home”.  And who knows, by the All Star Break they’ll probably outnumber us up there.  While Angelos continues to destroy the city of Baltimore’s Baseball Dreams, the fans are becoming less and less like…

 Old Orioles fans and they’re becoming more like…


My how the times have changed.  And while most of you know this, I’d like to share with you just how I experienced opening day. 

I worked till 5.  Then went to the bar, where at around 8 pm I met my friend who skipped out on Opening Day this year for the first time since 2002.  He said he had his reasons, but when I asked him to describe it to me he stated, “Dude, you’ve never been?? Man, we wouldn’t even go into the game till the 7th inning.”  I said, “You guys must’ve been wasted by then” he nodded his head but then I asked why he even bothered to go into the game at that point?? He responded with, “Honestly?  I dunno, I usually didn’t remember much after that point of the day.”

Yesterday’s game was all but over by the 7th inning, and by 8:00 at the bar, a bus of rowdy O’s fans came crawling in (some of them literally were crawling).

There were about 20 O’s fans, guys outnumbered the girls 3:1, but the girls were no more sober.  Every one of them was hammered, some of them were less drunk to the point that they could make fun of the really drunk ones, like the guys who looked as if they were playing plinko with their bodies as they tried to make it to the bar.  After listening to them tell stories about how my buddy, who didn’t go to the game, was a (insert multiple expletives here), I asked one of them what the score was.  He responded with, “Who f*$%#n cares!”.  The follow up question was Who won?  Followed by a quick, almost programmed response of “Not the Orioles”.  They couldn’t name the score or what happened in the game but they knew the Orioles lost.  “Opening Day Tradition!” they chanted at one point, and I thought to myself… None of these people went to work today and most of them probably would not attend work tomorrow.  All this and they didn’t even know what happened in Baltimore at Camden Yards that day.

There was one spirited discussion about the game.  Two drunk guys wrestled each other to the bar room floor as they argued over who the Orioles played that day.  Whether it was the “Tampon Bay Gays or the Tampon Bay She-Devil Gays.”  Clearly the “She-Devil Gays” lobbyist was out of touch.  Needless to say, they probably spent plenty of money on beer down at Pickles’ Bar and then possibly snuck in a flask or water bottle filled with Vodka and tried to start a fight with the Rays’ Nest.  One guy actually described to me how much he liked to fight.  Which was followed up with the story of how last year he tried to fight off the cops putting him in hand cuffs.

Baltimore is this what our baseball team is coming to?  Just another excuse to get drunk?  People can’t even take going to the games anymore, as they’d rather not be invested in a team that loses 100 games. 

As we mop up the AL East basement this year, hopefully some light will shine, hopefully we can keep Markakis, get some young talent in here and build a future so that those bars that have “$1 Miller Lite during O’s games” specials, can actually make their money’s worth.  We look forward to the day when you can count on buying standing room only seats to games if you show up to the ticket window on game day… not just against the Yanks, Sawx… or soon to be… Rays.


11 Responses to “O's Opening Day = Just Another Reason to Get Drunk…”

  1. D. Baby Says:

    First off, Rays don’t “Nest.” On the contrary, as we have learned several times now over the last few years, Rays like to hang out people’s chests. And kill them. Rays suck. So at least call the legions of Rays fans that may be invading Camden Yards a “Rays’ Chest,” and not a “Rays’ Nest.” Crap…I probably just opened a whole new can o’ worms regarding things named “Ray” stabbing people in the chest. Crap, crap, crap….

    Anyway, it was the O’s first opening day loss since 2000, so maybe this actually is a step in the right direction as far as the next 161 games are concerned.

    Go O’s!

  2. Ravers Says:

    The season just started, so I think we should wait it out a bit before we start hating on the O’s entirely (even with evidence that the O’s are unlikely to provide us with many game-winning highs this season). Let’s try not to start out day one on a super low note.

    With that said, it is very unfortunate that fans have come to have so little interest in the team. They shouldn’t be called “fans”.

  3. UnbiasedGuy Says:


  4. Larry Bonds Says:

    Since when is getting drunk and going to opening day a bad thing. I didn’t know my mom was a contributor to the nest.

  5. Peter Angel-Hos Says:

    Who said it was a bad thing?? I think the point made here is that the O’s organization is so bad anymore, that it has turned enjoying a baseball game into just another reason to drink… as in the title.

  6. Larry Bonds Says:

    I don’t see how that has changed with the record of the team (see Ravens tailgating or any other sport). Maybe you just didn’t see the other moms and grandmas from your knitting club at the BAR. I’m sure the demographics from this opening day and opening day 12 years ago are strikingly similar. Before jumping on the Orioles organization sucks bandwagon way too late; maybe you should give the real fans their day of hope that this is the first game of the year that things start to change. With the off-season moves and talk this is the first time in a long time that they can legitimately think that. So infact opening day has always been a reason to drink and is not a sign that the fans are beginning to waiver. I think that they had waved off the O’s years ago, like any other disappointing, heartbreaking, flying pest.

  7. Aubrey Huff Says:

    I love the Orioles and their fans, obviously.

  8. Peter Angel-Hos Says:

    Offseason moves and talk??? What team were you watching? Detroit?? You want to see how a front office should act during the offseason go look at the Tigers. They spent the offseason with “moves and talk” that actually produced some players worth mentioning… not shipping out their best pitcher and shortstop. By the end of the April we’ll see the positive and negative effects of “moves and talk” that you’ve so proclaimed.

  9. Larry Bonds Says:

    I will not justify the HUGE investment in the FUTURE (beyond April) the Orioles made this offseason. I really didn’t know my mom and Peter Angelos’ short sightedness were such avid contributors to this site.

  10. Grammy Says:

    There is no better place to knit than at an Orioles game! Next time you’re at Camden Yards look around. There are plenty of knitting circles to be found.

  11. B-More Birds’ Nest: Baltimore’s Best Ravens and Orioles Blog » Blog Archive » Who is Going to Pitch for this Team?! Says:

    […] opening day just a bit over a week away, the Orioles’ starting rotation is just as murky as it was when […]

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