Your 2008 Opening Day Lineup

Thanks to the Sun, and Roch.

Brian Roberts – 2B

Melvin Mora – 3B

Nick Markakis – RF

Hell, so far, so good!

Kevin Millar – 1B

Aubrey Huff – DH

Ramon Hernandez – C

Uhhh…..Millar as the cleanup man?  Well, maybe Aubrey can rebound from last year and give us something similar to his 2003-2004 self, when he averaged .300 with 32 home runs and 105 RBI. And perhaps the newly in-shape Ramon will improve on his ’07 numbers as well…

Luke Scott – LF

Adam Jones – CF

Luis Hernandez – SS

Uh oh.  Come on, hack-man!

Jeremy Guthrie – P

Lets see the 1st half Guthrie from ’07, and not the 2nd half Guthrie.  Behind Jeremy, Daniel Cabrera looks like hes all set to lead the league in walks for the 2nd consecutive year, and Adam Loewen may not be fully healed from his elbow surgery, if pre-season results are to be trusted.  And they aren’t….right?

Happy Opening Day, and LETS GO Os!


2 Responses to “Your 2008 Opening Day Lineup”

  1. Ravers Says:

    Lets go O’s! Make us proud…

  2. math_geek Says:

    This is getting painful already. I’m not going to any games until this summer, but when I do, I’m going to be selective about which pitchers I see play.

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