Welcome, John Harbaugh!

Sometime Friday around dinner time, we received word that the Ravens had hired John Harbaugh as the 3rd head coach in team history. Harbaugh, who coached the ‘Iggles defensive backs in 2007 after coaching their special teams for 9 years, has never been a coordinator, something many around town have been quick to point out. For the record, here at the Nest we LOVE the move. Harbaugh is just a few years older than the Ravens first choice, Jason Garrett, but has a much more extensive coaching resume. Prior to Philadelphia, he spent 13 years as an assistant at the collegiate level. Yesterday, I got an interesting phone call from a friend of mine who is an Eagles fan that went something like this:

Friend: So now you just go ahead and take my coach without even asking permission?
Me: Seriously, did you even know who John Harbaugh was up until a few weeks ago when the Ravens started floating his name around?
F: Well, I did because this season when I noticed we didn’t know how to return a punt any more (think back to the GB/PHI game in week 1 – PHI muffed their first punt return try of the season, and 2 in that game), I did a little research.

So after 9 years of Harbaugh, the Eagles crap the bed in their first game without him. That, friends, is on the field, tangible results! Also, winning is in his blood! His brother, Jim, a former Ravens quarterback and current head coach at Stanford, just beat USC in one of the year’s biggest upsets! Book your tickets for Super Bowl 43 today, this guy is a difference maker!

In all seriousness, though, the hire looks to be a very good one from an organization that has had a rough time of it lately. After the questionable way in which Brian Billick was dismissed, and the way the search has gone, many voices in B-More started to use “Bisciotti” and “Angelos” in the same sentence. That makes us about as sick as a 36 hour beer and tequila bender (read between the lines here if you’re wondering why it took so long to get this blog up). Steve Bisciotti gives the impression of a guy that wants to win more than anything else. Peter Angelos, on the other hand, wants to make coats out of Dalmatian puppies and spit on your grandmother. Unfortunately, the way Pete has ran the O’s for the past decade plus makes us Charm City fans VERY gun-shy whenever an owner becomes as involved in coaching and personnel decisions as Bisciotti has appeared to be over the past month. Best case scenario? Bisciotti wants the best for his team, his city, and his fans – and even though he has 100% faith in Ozzie Newsome et al, just genuinely wanted to be a part of the process – and he will now retreat back to his office to watch his “football people make football decisions.” Worst case scenario? Well, we know all too well about meddling owners, so lets just hope for “best case.”



Harbaugh has been working for a great head coach in Andy Reid. The Eagles have had some damn good teams during his time there, so John has been on the sidelines for plenty of huge games, and knows what it takes to get a team to win in today’s NFL. By all accounts, his players love playing for him, and he is primed to be a very successful head coach.

John Harbaugh, welcome to B-More! Hopefully this is the start of something great.


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