The Same Old (Short) Story From the Warehouse

With all the “questionable” goings on in Raven-ville over the previous month or so, there had been much talk around B-More of Steve Bisciotti becoming a sort of Peter Angelos-in-training, what with meddling around with the team rather than letting the people he pays to run it actually do their jobs. Add this to the already disappointing 5-11 season on the field, and sports fans here in Charm City were actually starting to turn an eye, albeit a timid one, to the upcoming MLB season. Across the parking lot at the Warehouse, those with “O’s” logos on their paychecks had a golden window of opportunity to seize upon the purple disarray and regain at least some of this city’s collective heart. A new man was (supposedly) in charge of the baseball operations, and although he assured us it would not be an overnight process, his vision for the future of Baltimore Baseball was one that we were ready to embrace, along with any painful rebuilding years it may come with.

However, the Greedy Ol’ Petey-monster caught wind of the discontent rising from the city for that “other” team’s young owner, and it’s almost as if he felt he had to reestablish himself as the Worst Sports Owner in Baltimore.

“Peter G. Angelos takes a back seat to no man!” he roared.

And with that, he marched right on down to the offices of his newly appointed “Man in Charge.”

“Why, what are you fellas up to, Mr. McPhail?” the lawyer innocently pondered.

“Oh, hello there, Mr. Angelos! We are working on a deal to bring some very talented young players to Baltimore! We are very excited about them, and we feel these prospects will be able to help the Orioles win. Maybe not this year, and perhaps not even next, but rest assured, I am confident this is the right move for our team at this point in time!” said Andy McPhail, proud of what he was about to accomplish.

“Very good, very good, Andy. And what, pray tell, will we be giving up for this stable of young talent you hope to acquire?” said Peter.

“We will be trading away our best pitcher, Mr. Angelos. I know it seems unorthodox, but he has already assured us he will not resign with us, so we think we should act now to get as much in return at his departure as possible, lest he leave us empty handed in 2 years. Also, his unhappiness with losing has turned him from a little rough around the edges to downright surly and unpleasant to work with. This move makes the most sense for us, as well as for him.”

“I see….Hmmmm,” said Peter, rubbing his chin. “No, no. I don’t think I much care for that. So you go ahead and call that other team and tell them the deal is off. And while you’re at it, get on the horn with that pitcher and tell him to put on a smile, because he isn’t going anywhere as long as I have a say in it.”

And with that, the crotchety old man turned on his heel and exited the room, leaving Mr. McPhail and his staff stunned, jaws agape, and staring at one another blankly.


Its that same old story in Oriole-land, we are sorry to report. At least, that is, if what Fox Sports is reporting is true, that Peter Angelos has stepped in to block the trade of Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for several prospects, including Adam “Pac-Man” Jones.

In case you had forgotten, the BIRDS NEED TO BE FREED!!!!


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