Thank You, Eli Manning, Thank You!

Thank You, Eli Manning. Thank you.

The New York Football Giants finally proved what we have known here in B-More since Monday, December 3rd: the New England Patriots CAN be beaten. As painful as it is to relive those final few moments from the Pats’ visit to M&T Bank Stadium that night, we now feel at least some sense of vindication here at the Nest. If Belicheat and company had indeed been able to pull off the seemingly impossible feat of a perfect season culminating in a Super Bowl win, going down in history as the only 19-0 team in history, we Ravens fans would have been stuck with the stench of Rex Ryan’s timeout for the rest of our natural football lives.

Think about it: The commercial Monday morning for Sports Illustrated’s “Tribute to the Perfect Season,” in book and DVD form. The vomit inducing storylines every year of those 2007 Patriots popping their champagne when the final unbeaten team suffered their first loss. The endless debates over whether they should indeed be called the “Greatest Team of All Time.” And all the while knowing that our Ravens had been THIS CLOSE to preventing all of it. Closer than any other team had come those 19 games. The Baltimore game would have been mentioned only in passing, perhaps getting a single page in the book and 30 seconds on the DVD as the author/narrator glossed over the way our purple and black fought that night, downplaying how the Ravens stopped the Patriots THREE TIMES on fourth down attempts that should have ended the game, and ultimately just heaping more glorious praise on Brady’s bunch for being so “resilient.” Ugggggggggggh.

Thankfully, the New York Giants have spared us all of that. And for that, we at the Nest are extremely grateful.

Is it sour grapes to take pleasure in the glory of another team, one you really have zero rooting interest in? Perhaps, but when said team saves you from decades of regret and heartache over one ill-advised timeout, it seems fair that they were “our team” for a night. Hell, 80% of the country was probably cheering for them anyway, and even those who aren’t sports fans can appreciate such an underdog coming through.

Congratulations, New York Giants, and THANK YOU!


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