Ravens 27 Squealers 21 (The YOU CAN'T WIN HERE Game)


I finally get to write about a win, how exciting!

Although, of course, in typical Ravens 2007 fashion, they had to make us sweat and pull our hair out in the final minutes even after building a 27-7 lead going into the 4th quarter. Seriously…think about it. Of the Ravens 5 wins this season, exactly ONE has been convincing for 60 minutes. Jets: comfortable lead nearly disappeared in the 4th quarter. Cardinals: ditto. 49ers: Joe Nedney missed field goal in the final 2 minutes to preserve the win. Rams: CONVINCING! Steelers: Ya know what? Who gives 2 shits? At least we beat them, and thats good enough for us.

The Ravens finish up the most disappointing season in franchise history with a win over the hated Squealers, and end the league’s longest losing streak in the process. It is certainly nice to not have that hanging over our heads going into the off season here in B-More.

And spare us the “we were playing our backups” routine, towel-waving douchebags.  The Ravens have been playing a teamful of backups for the last 10 weeks. 

Troy Smith played reasonably well, throwing for 171 yards and a touchdown, as well as running for 23 yards. Several of his runs were on 3rd downs, and kept the chains moving. He did a good job moving in the pocket, and looked off receivers. He certainly made his share of mistakes though, as at least 3 of his passes should have been intercepted.

Ravens backup running backs Corey Ross and Musa Smith were also very effective, with Smith carrying 22 times for 83 yards and Ross 12 for 72. Each also had a touchdown, Ross’ on a 32 yard scamper in which he faked Steelers safety Anthony “Guarantee” Smith right out of his jock. Perhaps they read the Nest and took exception to my saying that nobody would confuse them with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew! Hey, anything we can do to help, fellas.

On a side note, did anyone else watching the game feel like we had reverted back to Detroit in January of 2006? Was Jerome Bettis coming home to Baltimore or something? I speak, of course, of the absolutely atrocious officiating, reminiscent of Super Bowl XL, where the flags flying all over the field from the zebras may as well have been terrible towels.

The only reason the Steelers were able to get on the board at all in the first 3 quarters was the terrible pass interference call on Corey Ivy at the B-More 2 yard line. Now, from my vantage point in section 519, as well as what I saw on the jumbotron, it sure as hell looked like Ivy was looking back for the ball, and he and Nate Washington’s legs simply got tangled up. If you watched it on TV and saw something else, please, let me know. And after that, the “touchdown” Davenport scored reminded me of Baby Ben’s phantom TD from that super bowl. Plane not broken, thank you very much. Then the roughing the passer on Ngata for shoving Charlie Batch so hard in his shoulder that Batch…:GASP:….nearly fell over!! Then on the very next play, a terrible non-call on holding against the Squealers.

Ugh. :Deep Breath:

It doesn’t matter now though, right? Santa Billick and his purple and black elves delivered the late Christmas present of a victory over ‘dem Stillers, and we are grateful here in B-More.

Don’t think that just because the season is “over,” that we are done covering our Ravens here at the Nest. We will continue to preview the 2008 draft, as well as covering all the off-season moves made by Ozzie & Co. Also, look for our 2007 SEASON Recap, coming soon.


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