Quarterback Carousel Update: McNair "Injured"

Well, thats one way to go about it.
In not-so-surprising news, Kyle Boller has been named the starter this week against the Cleveland Browns. However, Brian Billick did not cite the poor play of Steve McNair as the reason, but rather told us that McNair is injured, and thus cannot fulfill his duties under center Sunday.  McNair’s injury is described as a shoulder subluxation (which, according to WebMD.com, means it was popping in and out of joint), and he apparently was dealing with it late in the game last Sunday. “Error” is slated to be out a “minimum” of 2-3 weeks.


You can only strike this pose so many times before your arms start falling off

Thus, Kyle Boller will get the start Sunday, again in 2 weeks in San Diego, and likely again in 3 weeks at home against the Patriots. Troy Smith will serve as the backup QB – so lets hope Kyle is effective and stays healthy. Were something to happen to him, a rookie QB running around in his first or second professional game ever against the San Diego and/or New England defenses is not something we are looking forward to seeing.

So there you have it Ravens fans. Let the Kyle Boller era begin (again).

(That reminds us: Remember when Scott Mitchell was stinking up the joint early in the 1999 season, and Ravens fans were clamoring for Brian Billick to usher in the “Stone Age,” by inserting QB Stoney Case? Case went on to throw 3 touchdowns and 8 interceptions in his only season as a Raven. Just goes to show: 1. that the backup QB is always the most popular guy in town; and 2. that there is a reason the teams don’t let the fans choose the players.)


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