Harbaugh's First Hire: Cam Cameron!

A little bit about the Ravens’ new offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron:

Age: 46

Coaching Experience:
1983-84 – University of Michigan Graduate Assistant

1985-93 – U. Michigan Quarterbacks Coach

1994-96 – Washington Redskins Quarterbacks Coach

1997-2001 – Indiana University Head Coach

2002-06 – San Diego Chargers Offensive Coordinator

2007 – Miami Dolphins Head Coach

2004 – Sports Illustrated Offensive Assistant of the Year

Cameron had a level of success as the Redskins QB coach, coaching Gus Frerotte to his only Pro Bowl appearance in 1997 and also tutored a young Trent Green. At his alma mater, Indiana U., Cameron was just 18-37, and when added to his other head coaching stint, with the Dolphins, Cam has an overall record of 19-52 as a head coach. Cameron really seemed to hit his stride in San Diego, where he coached the very talented Bolts offense (which included Drew Brees then Philip Rivers, Ladainian Tomlinson, Antonio Gates, and a superb offensive line) to top 10 offensive finishes every year.

Perhaps Cam is a guy who is just better suited as a coordinator than as a head coach, but it doesn’t seem quite fair to us that he was fired by the Dolphins after only 1 season. If you are going to play the “he benefited from his players” card as far as his tenure in whale’s vagina San Diego, then you have to give him the benefit of the doubt for tanking in Miami. The Dolphins’ front office made stellar moves in recent years such as trading away Wes Welker and Chris Chambers for 2nd round draft picks, and choosing Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington over Drew Brees.

John Harbaugh’s first hire as head coach is very promising. Cam Cameron is a top talent in this league, and had several other head coaching interviews last year. The “what have you done for me lately?” attitude in the league prevented him from getting any this year, and B-More looks to benefit from that. While he obviously doesn’t have quite the talent level he had out west, there is certainly no dearth of talent on the Ravens’ roster. Cameron figured out creative ways to get his monster tight end the football, and we have one of those right here in Charm City. He found ways to open up holes for LDT regardless of the fact the other team just spent 6 days trying to figure out how to stop him. He helped Drew Brees shed the “too small” label and become an elite quarterback – hmm….know of any “too small” signal callers around here?

An exciting hire.

Cam Cameron, welcome to Baltimore!


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  1. coach cam cameron Says:

    […] Cameron reacts after the Buffalo Bills won a challenge that overturned a fumble call during the …Harbaugh's First Hire: Cam Cameron! : Baltimore's Best Ravens …Cameron had a level of success as the Redskins QB coach, coaching … coaching stint, with the […]

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