Harbaugh in the Hiz-ouse

harbaugh.jpgPhiladelphia secondary coach John Harbaugh is in Owings Mills today for his second(ary?) interview. If the Ravens offer him the job, we expect him to jump all over it, unlike Garrett on Wednesday. In related news, WNST is also reporting that Marty Schottenheimers’ agent has told the Ravens that Marty Ball is “ready to listen” if the Ravens are ready to talk. Apparently, Marty didn’t like the idea of being grouped with the rest of the Ravens’ interviewees, all of whom had zero head coaching experience. Can’t say we blame him- 200 career wins merits that sort of thinking. So it will all depend on how eager the Ravens are to rush into a decision. It would probably do them well to let their “process” (hip coach hiring buzz word) play out, and at least talk to Marty before extending any more job offers.

Oh, and Jim Schwartz is obviously on someones shit list at 1 Winning Drive, as he still has not even garnered mention from any purple brass. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

Update:  Colts’ Jim Caldwell has taken his hat out of the ring for the head coaching jobs in both Atlanta and B-More.  More than likely, this means that Tony Dungy is retiring, and Caldwell will take over in Indy.


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