"Ginger" Jason Garrett – Ravens' Next Head Coach?

Or just the next guy to stiff-arm the city of Baltimore (Joe Girardi, anyone?)

As of about noon today, it seemed like a foregone conclusion, but as the hours crept on…and on…and on, no official word came from 1 Winning Drive. After spending about 7 hours inside “the Bellagio” in Owings Mills meeting with Ravens officials, during which time his wife, Brill, took a 3 hour drive with Dick Cass to Lord knows where, Jason Garrett emerged to speak to the press for all of 2 minutes, and basically said “uh…yeah, I was in there…doing stuff….see you guys later…maybe.” And with that, he was off to his next interview, in Atlanta.

Garrett’s actions today are a bit peculiar to us, and after watching him leave B-More contract-less, we have to think the Ravens’ brass must have had him tied up, either literally or figuratively, inside the complex. Maybe the meeting with Ginger lasted all of 1 hour, after which Ozzie Newsome drew Garrett a map to “leave” the building – a map which actually led to the intricate “Shining”-esque maze between the practice fields. Garrett would then spend the next 6 hours testing his Princeton education in a futile attempt to locate his car and/or his kidnapped wife.

The word is that Dallas Cowboys owner, Garrett’s current boss, Jerry Jones, is prepared to match any offer the Ravens present to Garrett, for him to remain in big D as offensive coordinator. We don’t know about you, but if we were in Jason Garrett’s shoes, we couldn’t get away from Jones quick enough. His moronic actions at the end of the divisional playoff Sunday, standing on the sidelines right next to the head coach like some billionaire cheerleader, prove just how much fun working for him must be.

The Ravens offered Garrett the job, that much is certain. Whether or not he will accept it remains to be seen, but our first impression is that if this deal was going to happen, it would be done. After 7 hours, what else could he possibly need to see? Either:

  1. He does not want to be the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, plain and simple; or
  2. He is using the Falcons job, as well as Jones, to drive up the price on the Ravens.

Either way, we don’t want him. If he really is just discussing things with his wife, then we will cut him some slack. It is definitely an important decision, especially for a guy who has only been coaching for 3 years. However, if either of the above 2 scenarios are true, we say “Next Man Up!”

What do you think? Is there any chance he comes back, or did he walk for good on the B-More job?


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