From the "Hits Just Keep on Coming" Dept.

Another beautiful morning for Charm city sports today. First off, in relevant news, the Ravens are reporting that defensive end Trevor Pryce will likely miss the remainder of the season with a torn pectoral muscle. Having played just three games since returning from his broken wrist, Pryce had made a visible difference in the Ravens’ pass rush against the Steelers, Bengals, and Browns, but will finish the year with only 2 sacks, after racking up 13 in 2006. Dwan Edwards will start in place of Pryce, and rookie LB Antwan Barnes will come on in passing situations. All this just likely means a few more seconds to scan the field for the likes of Brady, Manning, Hasselbeck, and Toothlesburger in the weeks to come. Super.

Next up, in “stupid a** list” news, our O’s have been named by CBS sports as the #2 most embarrassing franchise in sports. According to them, only the New York Knicks are more dismal than the Orioles. Let’s forget arguing the merits of the list for now (considering it didn’t even include the Bungles?!?!) and just take in the fact that it took a team with:

1. A head coach who just finished a sexual harrassment trial; and

2. A star player who last week decided he just didn’t feel like playing any more

to keep the Orioles from the summit of Mount Most Embarrassing Team. The particulars:

“2. Baltimore Orioles: Anybody who believes there are situations in sports that are simply impossible to screw up should take a gander at the way the Orioles have reduced themselves to a farce. You’ve got a city with a fine baseball tradition and the most glorious ballpark on the planet, and yet owner Peter Angelos can’t help but huff and puff and blow away every capable baseball man in his employ. Bonus points go to Aubrey Huff for his charming characterization of Baltimore as a “horse[bleep] town” and stripper-painting exhibition on Bubba the Love Sponge’s show this week. Can a guest-hosting stint on The Charlie Rose Show be far behind?”

Woe is us. Discuss.

See the story here.


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