Forget Grossman – We Got the Real "Sexy Rexy"

In not-at-all-surprising news, the Ravens announced that Rex Ryan will be returning as the team’s defensive coordinator, and will also be assistant head coach. Rex had been a leading candidate for the Atlanta Falcons head coaching job, but he felt he said something to hurt himself in the second interview, coming across as “not corporate enough.” Whatever the heck that means. While he may not have been the best fit here, Rex is a great football coach and the teams that passed him up should be kicking themselves. His return gives the Ravens a VERY formidable coaching staff for the 2008 season – the guys that orchestrated 2006’s #1 defense and #4 offense. Also, the wealth of experience of Cameron and Ryan should bode well in helping 1st year HC John Harbaugh learn the ropes. With the major pieces of the coaching staff now in place, the team can move on to the critical personnel matters of the offseason. First up: What to do with T-Sizzle? Stay tuned to the Nest for the latest…


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