Brian Billick doesn’t know why he was fired

B-More’s favorite guru is making the rounds in the local media this week, fresh off a visit to Iraq, and has basically been amicable towards his former employer. Billick describes Steve Bisciotti as “a good partner,” and says that the decision to fire him was, in the owner’s eyes, “in the best interest of the organization.” However, he has also basically said that he was never given a reason for why Bisciotti changed his tune about keeping him on board. While the way the firing went was a bit sketchy at best, as we have admitted here before, Brian (as he was always quick to make sure we knew) is a very smart man. As such, he should have no trouble figuring out “why” he was fired as head football coach of the Baltimore Ravens. But since he seems to be having a brain fart about it, the Nest is happy to help.

Brian, please see:

Exhibit A
Exhibit A-2
Exhibit B

Bone-headed play calling, clock mismanagement, and an offense that a high school defense could stop. Nine years of that sort of thing adds up, Brian. And we’re not trying to be jerks – Steve Bisciotti fumbled the firing, no question. But it was the right move for the team, and Brian can’t honestly expect us to believe he can’t for the life of him figure out why he was let go. If that is the case, then perhaps he will have a better chance of replacing oh….Emmitt Smith in the broadcast booth than replacing say, John Madden.


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