2008 NFL Draft Position, Vol. 3

Like we said last week….beating the Steelers is worth falling a few spots in the draft order. Since that is exactly what happened, the Ravens will pick 8th in New York City this April. Mock drafts will abound in the coming months, and we will try to look at and link a bunch of them here. For now though, sticking with the Scouts, Inc. board, at #8 we have….

Brian Brohm QB (6′3″, 225, 4.78) LOUISVILLE

Scouts Grade: 96

Flags: (D: DURABILITY) Player that can’t stay healthy

Strengths: A drop-back passer with adequate height and good overall bulk. Displays outstanding mechanics. Keeps the ball high and has a high release point. Release quickness is adequate. Shows excellent touch and timing on throws. Knows how to change up velocities and can hit his receivers in stride in the short, intermediate and deep zones. Avoids telegraphing most of his throws. Knows how to keep safeties honest and is also adept at reading coverage. Arm strength is adequate. Lacks elite zip but can make all the necessary NFL throws. Does a good job of selling fakes. He has quicker feet than he gets credit for and he does an adequate job of sidestepping the rush. His straight-line speed is adequate and he’s not afraid to tuck the ball and run. Has a good mental clock and generally knows when it’s time to run or throw the ball away. He has outstanding intangibles and grew up around the game of football. A hard worker on and off the field. Displays a passion for the sport similar to that of Peyton Manning (Colts).

Weaknesses: His biggest flaws can be seen when he faces fast defenses that consistently get pressure on him (see: Rutgers and first-half vs. Miami in 2006). He needs to make quicker decisions and do a better job of recognizing hot reads and making accurate throws under pressure. He lacks ideal mobility. He has adequate foot quickness and straight-line speed but he is not a great overall athlete and he’s not elusive as a runner. Can avoid the rush but not a threat once he tucks the ball and runs. He will take more than his share of hits from within the pocket. Durability has been a major issue throughout his career and is concerning regarding his NFL future. Had surgery on his non-throwing shoulder in January of 2007. He missed nearly three full games with a thumb injury in 2006 and suffered a season-ending ACL tear in the 10th game of the 2005 season.

Overall: During his first three seasons (2004-’06) Brohm appeared in 32 games (21 starts) and completed 472 passes on 712 attempts (66.3 percent) for 6,751 yards with 41 touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions. He has also rushed for five touchdowns. Brohm missed two games in 2005 after undergoing knee surgery and two games in 2006 due to thumb surgery. Wisely chose to return to school knowing that his body of work can improve on a junior season (2006) that included nearly three full games missed with a thumb injury and a shoulder injury (non-throwing) that required surgery in the off-season. There’s no arguing that Brohm has the mental and physical tools to succeed as a future starting quarterback in the NFL. In our opinion, though; Brohm still has a lot to prove and is a bit overrated due to the protection he gets, the system he has played in and, comparatively speaking, the lower level of DI-A competition he faces. Furthermore, Brohm has the unenviable task of returning to school as an elite quarterback prospect under the microscope. It will take a healthy and extremely productive season under new head coach Steve Kragthorpe — and his new system that more resembles a pro-style attack  for Brohm to land a spot in the top-five picks of the 2008 draft.

2007 Stats: 308/473 4024 yards 30 TD 12 INT Rating 154.2

Another quarterback, huh? A week ago, this would have been a resounding NO to us, but with the departure of Brian Billick, maybe it should be reexamined. If the next head coach of the Ravens is somebody who has shown they can develop quarterbacks, would you feel more comfortable choosing a QB like Brohm or Ryan in the first round? His durability issues are a huge red flag, especially here in B-More (just ask Kyle Boller how the “protection” has been this year-then ask him again because he probably forgot what you said already).
Draft speculation note: There are two cornerbacks projected to go in the 10-15 range, Mike Jenkins from South Florida, and Malcolm Jenkins from Ohio State. The Ravens may be wise to go after one of these guys, and they might even be able to trade down a few slots to pick them up. Malcolm Jenkins will be playing in the BCS National Championship game for the Buckeyes on Monday, so keep an eye on him against those speedy LSU receivers.


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