Kevin Millar the Red Sux Cheerleader

Another Traitor??

We don’t even know what to say about this one. Should O’s fans be upset that an Oriole fan favorite is making videos cheering on his old team, a hated division foe? On one hand, Millar was part of something special up there in ’04 and it’s nice to see a bit of loyalty (to something) from a professional athlete. But Millar is an Oriole NOW! Shouldn’t he be more focused on improving the state of his current team rather than living vicariously through his former employer and teammates?

And what of the O’s people who allowed this to happen? We assume the Boston PR department had to clear this kind of thing with the O’s staff beforehand. Should we be angry with them for showing their ridiculous stupidity yet again?

Its no secret that Kevin Millar’s heart is in Bean-town. However, it hurts those of us who root for him currently that he would be so blatant about it. If Millar makes this video for a 2010 Red Sux playoff run, after he is retired, then fine. But doing it now is in bad taste and a slap in the face to O’s fans.

What do you think?

update: There is now a petition to trade Millar due to his antics, if any of you are interested:


2 Responses to “Kevin Millar the Red Sux Cheerleader”

  1. Mike Says:

    he also threw out the first pitch at game 7

  2. Jon Says:

    I can understand him rooting for his former team since has some friends there and his currently team is not in the playoffs. If he just called some of the players to wish them luck or went to the games, I would not have a problem. I have a problem with him being a public cheerleader and a marketing scheme for the Red Sox while he is still with the Orioles.

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