"Major League Coach of the Year" joins O’s as Pitching Coach

The Orioles have announced the signing of Rick Kranitz as pitching coach. Kranitz comes over from the Florida Marlins, where he spent the last 2 seasons. He was awarded the 2006 Baseball America award for Major League Coach of the Year for his work as the pitching coach of the fish, having led a rotation that included 4 rookies to a 4.22 ERA. This past season, though, the Marlins finished just one spot above the O’s (who were 29th out of 30 teams) in total team ERA, at 4.94 to the O’s 5.17. So it seems he is coming into a familiar situation – decent starters, crappy, crappy bullpen. The Nest wishes “Kranny” luck, although we really wish Dave Trembley would never, ever call him that again, for two reasons: First, it brings to mind the heavily ridiculed “Brownie,” former head of FEMA, and second, it sounds just a bit too much like a character from the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

So no more “Kranny” talk, please. Oh yeah, and Rick, just stay out of Eric Bedard’s way. Thanks.

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