Ravens TV Notes

Several pieces on the Ravens will be airing on television this weekend. Right around noon on Sunday’s ESPN NFL pre-game show, they will be airing a segment they filmed on the Ravens’ road trip to San Francisco last week. Included will be many off-the-field aspects of the team that we as fans don’t normally get to see.

Also, Saturday night at 8 pm, the NFL network will be showing a special program they did for the Ravens-49ers game. During the game, the network had microphones on 10 players and used 12 cameras to capture a much more in-depth version of the game than we saw last Sunday.

The Nest wonders how disappointed the networks were that they chose the Boredom Bowl to put all this money and effort into. Probably a good bit of cussing in both production meetings this week, but Hell, maybe they can actually make that game seem interesting? Now that would be some impressive work.

Be sure to check them out Ravens fans!


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