Browns 27 Ravens 13 (The ORIOLE-ESQUE EMBARASSMENT game)

Really? Really? Seriously? That just happened?

Yes, it did.

While we in B-More have come to expect much better from the Purple and Black, the Ravens reminded us that they too are capable of embarrassing us Charm City sports fans from time to time, stinking up Paul Brown stadium with a laugher of an effort against the Browns. Losing 27-13 in a game that wasn’t even as close as that awful final score seems, they were simply dominated in every facet of the game, whether it be offense, defense, special teams, or coaching. Pathetic. Absolutely terrible. The Ravens seem to THINK they are better than they actually are, and can play hard when they feel like it, while just going through the motions when they don’t.

The sky isn’t falling in B-More just yet, Ravens fans. However, make no mistake about it: a couple more showings like we saw last weekend, and there will be no Festivus talk this year. Go get better, boys, and don’t embarrass yourselves like that again.

For you eternal optimists out there:

The Ravens are undefeated this season:

A. Outside of Ohio
B. Against teams without orange in their uniforms

And so, based on solely these 2 trends, they will finish the season 11-5 (just 5 games behind the Patriots in the AFC) after losing only to the Browns and Bengals again, as well as to the Miami Dolphins.

Ravens fans rejoice!


2 Responses to “Browns 27 Ravens 13 (The ORIOLE-ESQUE EMBARASSMENT game)”

  1. jeff Says:

    “The Ravens are undefeated this season:
    A. Outside of Ohio
    B. Against teams without orange in their uniforms”

    hahahaha , that’s classic .. and yet, so sad

  2. NickandD-ton Says:

    Ravens new updated 2007 Schedule by Week: 5.Broncos 6.Buccaneers 7.Bears 8.Halloween (Wed. Game) 9.Clemson 10.Cincinnati 11.Cleveland 12.Illinois 13.Syracuse 14.Flyers 15.Dolphins 16.Knicks 17.Orioles

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