R.I.P. Baltimore Baseball

So Peter Angelos has succeeded in killing baseball in charm city. Just take a look at these sad, sad images from the Free the Birds 2 Rally. If you can bear to look….

Concession stand, 10 min prior to gametime

Lower concourse, 10 min prior to gametime

Is anybody coming?

Upper concourse, 5 min to gametime…

so no point in opening the upper level concession stands.

Ever been to a big league game and had your choice of urinal in the 6th inning?

How the fans feel….

And how the Bird feels.


4 Responses to “R.I.P. Baltimore Baseball”

  1. SprizzNizz Says:

    i find this content objectionable

  2. ashley Says:

    I’m sad.

  3. Andrew Says:

    I was driving by The Yard last night coming home from a late night at work…it must have been the 7th inning or so, and as I drove down Green St on the 3rd base side, I became very upset at how empty the concourse was. I was even thinking the very thing that this post is about, man has Petey killed baseball in this town. It is so sad.The Yanks come to town this weekend, which means for one last time in 2007 the park will be crowded, but naturally, not with Orioles fans. I refuse to pay for a ticket to another game this year, but will be drinking at Pickles to soak in the baseball atmosphere one last time in 2007. Thanks for everything, Pete, especially for being so mature and professional last year in your response to the first Free the Birds rally. Calling out the fans for being vocal about their obvious and very legitimate misery, wow, you sure are a good owner.

  4. B-More Birds’ Nest: Baltimore’s Best Ravens and Orioles Blog » Blog Archive » Ravens (4-4) @ Browns (1-7) Says:

    […] interesting story line to this game is the fact that a group of Browns fans are staging a “Free the Birds“-esque late walk-in to this nationally televised event.  Check out the organizer, Dawg Pound […]

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